My indigestion-fueled brain

This is what my brain does when the indigestion is keeping it awake at three in the morning. (Sung to the tune of the old Spiderman cartoon.)

Prilosec, Prilosec,
 Keeps your acid reflux in check.
 Doesn't work very well,
 My insides feel likeā€¦ a disaster.
 Oh well, give me more Prilosec!

Doctor says Nexium
 Might help quiet my fiery tum.
 Sick of these doctor games,
 My esophagus is in flames.
 Oh, shoot! Where is my Prilosec?

In the chill of night,
 When I'm tucked in my bed,
 Give me chalky white,
 Maalox works fine instead.

Prilosec, Prilosec,
 Friendly neighborhood Prilosec.
 Trying to calm my poor gut,
 I've got pills coming out my butt.

Look out!
 When my inside's on fire,
 There's one thing I desire:
 Pass me my Prilosec!

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